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"He's a powerhouse of an artist, his voice is dynamic, emotional, textured yet silky and his guitar playing is soulful and engaging. He gives everything he's got when he's performing, and you can feel it."​
- Dan Brodbeck 
  Juno Award Winner & Producer

Tam, is a Pop/ R&B/ Soul artist, producer and DJ, from Brampton, Ontario. A storyteller at heart, his lyrics have a way of capturing the imagination and of articulating deep emotions and feelings that are sometimes hard to express. His voice is dynamic, with a gentle intensity that commands your attention. Tam’s work is reminiscent of iconic artists such as Eric Clapton, John Mayer, Al Green and Jimi Hendrix.

Tam was 16 years old when he decided to take guitar seriously and intuitively wrote his first songs. He attended Fanshawe College's "Music Industry Arts" program in London, Ontario and finished in 2011. That same year, he independently released his debut EP, "Pieces of L.A." His first single "Kings" received local and international airplay on college and independent radio stations.

In 2013, Tam adopted the stage name "Damian Yonge" and released his 2nd EP entitled Southbound. His single "Jumpstart My Heart" received airplay on commercial radio in Canada. In 2015, he travelled to Los Angeles to film a music video for his single "Swing of Your Kiss". Tam would frequently perform at the "Third Street Promenade" and at "Venice Beach" as a street performer.

Currently, Tam is focused on blending his organic, soulful vibes with the power of dance music and DJing. 

His vision is to make music that helps people heal, release, celebrate and most importantly, feel alive. He is currently working on his highly anticipated upcoming EP “Alchemy” set to be released 2018-2019.